Williams Park Bio

Who We Are - Ministers of Music

Darryl and Patricia Williams love to honor, praise, and worship God. They were blessed with musical talents from an early age and continued playing and singing music throughout their high school and college years. Darryl and Pat met in college, becoming best friends, married a couple years after graduating, and continued a life serving God, making music, and raising a family with God as the head and the center.  They enjoy playing together whenever they have the opportunity. 

Darryl and Pat currently serve as Ministers of Music at their home church, where they minister the Word of God as a family through their music which includes both well known praise and worship songs as well as some original pieces. They write songs to glorify God, edify the church, and evangelize the lost. There is an anointing that provides inspiration for the words and music they write. That anointing flows to those who hear their sound - it's like sitting in their living room around the piano and worshiping God. 

Darryl and Pat continue to sing, write music, and share peace with those around them. After more than 30 years together, they have begun releasing original songs. Please follow and subscribe here and on your preferred music listening platform links.

Blessings and Peace!